Animal Spirit Visionary Art by Susan Tower

Who are your Animal Spirit Guides?

Learn your Animal Totems & Discover your Super Powers!


Your animal spirit animals will give you a deep reflection on your strengths and weaknesses and more self knowledge as to how to navigate life's challenges.


Your Animal Spirit intuitive drawing by Susan Tower will be much like a personal tarot card of empowering symbols from nature.


As a gifted clairvoyant and artist, Susan has a unique ability to see and illustrate your animal spirit guides and tell you their messages of empowerment.

  • An intuitive reading with Susan Tower.

    1 hr

    111 US dollars
  • An intuitive art reading to find your main Animal Totem by Susan Tower

    45 min

    222 US dollars
  • An intuitive art reading of your message from the heart of nature

    1 hr 30 min

    444 US dollars
She offers two versions of Animal Spirit Art:

• An Animal Spirit Soul Reading, is a full reading and allows several of your animal guides time to communicate.

• An Animal Totem Reading is a shorter session and gives you a clear message from your most prominent animal spirit guide.

An intuitive art reading with Susan Tower is a life affirming experience.

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