Calming a Nervous Border Collie and Snippy Cats

A friend of mine rescued a very hyper border collie. She was concerned about introducing it to her established cat clan - who were used to the previous border collie - but this new dog had never been around cats.

When I tuned into the dog, he told me enthusiastically that, "those cats look fun to chase!" He had never known a cat and had no ideas of their claws. Some dogs would hurt a cat if they caught it, so I asked him his intentions. Catching my meaning, he was aghast that I would even consider he might harm a cat. He said he was excited about a chase, but he would never harm one. He emphasized that, 'he was a guardian' and would never hurt an animal in his care.

I told him the cats won't like being chased at all. I felt his neutral response to that - as a herder, he was not bred to care if the sheep (or cats) WANT to be herded. He did care much more that his new human wouldn't like it, but that was not going to stop his wiggly, instinctive urge. I 'saw' him getting a few good scratches across his nose and having a much deeper respect for cats after that.

I wondered if I could help him calm down a bit, as I sensed that most of his desire to chase the cats was from pent up energy, and just wanting to run. As soon as I tuned into his physical health, he was nearly crying for help to be grounded.

The dog told me that he had many generations behind him that had never had a job or a herd of sheep to watch and that the built up anxiety of crates/low stimulation, not enough exercise and not enough mental stimulation had caught up with him. All he wanted was to be a guardian. But he could hardly hold still to focus.

I taught my friend my 'go-to grounding exercise' which is to simply imagine yourself as a tree. Roots out, your feet into the ground and branches to the sky. Breathe into this field however it feels right. I like to breathe in from the sky - from my branches, from above my head, from the heavens, into my body, down my spine, to the earth and exhaling into my roots, deep in the soil. Then, with my attention to my roots, I inhale the deep earth up my spine and exhale to the sky. Then, from the sky to the earth and then the earth to the sky. I do this over and over until I feel grounded. I showed my friend how to establish that pattern for herself and put her hands on her dog and make the same pattern for him.

My intuition showed me that this exercise to help ground the dog needed to be repeated often (several times a day at first) so as to support his new neurological pathways. He needed a consistent sense of what it feels like to be cohesive and calm, to able to focus and re-pattern his behavior.

She also had a long-standing issue that her four cats weren't getting along. IT had been going on for years, but the new dog was making it worse. It was a newer, small cat that was constantly being picked on that seemed to be problem. As I tuned into the 'problem cat' I 'got' right away that that cat was holding the energy of how my client felt unsafe as a child, growing up with unkind siblings that were constantly picking on her. That was revelatory for her and talked for awhile about her family dynamics.

I showed her how to do a 'coning' where you bring all of the higher selves of those involved to a meeting of sorts. In her case, all of the cats - and we asked for resolution and resolve for the conflicts. We said (for our intellect to have some peace from trying to figure it all out), "Even though peace seems impossible and I can't really imagine how anything would change, I still ask for resolution and resolve to this ongoing conflict."

After the clearing prayer and intention setting, we chatted about other things, and to my friends' astonishment, within ten minutes ALL of the cats had come in from outside and were eating peacefully together. Something she said had NEVER happened. She could hardly believe it, but there it was.

Nature responds quickly, if not immediately to our intentions and energy changes. It's not that she had not wanted the cats to get along before, she just didn't think it was possible. Thus, the intellectual work-around was necessary to circumvent what she 'knew' was 'impossible'.

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